18 Days This documentary film covers the story of ’18 Days’ movie. 18 Days is an Egyptian film composed of 10 short films by ten directors and 6 writers, with no budget and on a voluntary basis, focusing on the 18 days of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. It premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. More Info Out of Box Series ShopGo ShopGo is an eCommerce platform that gives the user a website and platform that is tailored to the MENA market with local payment and shipping options, offered to arab entrepreneurs in eCommerce sector. This documentary film covers it's success story. More Info Entrepreneurs TV Series Children of the Alley This documentary film covers the story of the novel “Children of the Alley” by Naguib Mahfouz.The “children” of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Mahfouz’s title are beggars, peddlars, drug addicts, homeless, swindlers, cripples and ordinary people struggling to survive in Cairo. More Info Out of Box Series Incorta Incorta, describes itself as the first “hyperconverged analytics” company in the big-data industry. This documentary film covers it's success story. It's platform aggregates complex business data in real-time using Direct Data Mapping architecture. More Info Entrepreneurs TV Series Clash This documentary film covers the story of the Cannes Film Festival nominee ‘Clash’ movie, directed by Mohamed Diab.'Eshtebak' movie is shot entirely in the confines of a police van containing Muslim Brotherhood members and pro-army supporters. More Info Out of Box Series Black February This is a documentary film that sheds light on "Black February" movie, which reveals some of the social problems in Egypt as a result of the isolation of social groups with power, wealth and influence without the rest of society. Aired as part of "Out Of Text" TV Series of documentaries. More Info Al Jazeera Channel

What We Do

    Our products have been broadcasted on both local and satellite channels across the Arab region. Relying on the best talents the market has to offer, our film production services include: documentary films, TV shows, fillers, news reports, TV commercials.
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    We lead our clients delicately through every step of creating their publication.
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    With a team of innovative filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs, iFG focuses on creating products that are entertaining, informative and unique.
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    We provide turn-key event management services.

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iFilms Media is a regional media production company based in #Istanbul. With a team of innovative creative film makers.
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Middle East Venture Partners “MEVP” MEVP The episode hosts the Founders and others, to give you the full inside story of “MEVP” in an exciting and inspiring framework for the Arabic youth Read More Talabat Talabat Talabat was sold with a with the largest deal made in time, the episode deals with the means of this success as well as the obstacles on the road. Read More NAS Trends NAS Trends An inspiring story of an astonishing startup that started with only couple of thousands of Egyptian pounds shared between college students. Read More Arabia Weather Arabia Weather Arabia Weather provides weather and meteorological services in an accurate way exactly like the services provided by global organizations. Read More Fi Technologies Majid Lababidi’s journey to make his idea see the light from Syria to Qatar to participate in “Stars of Science” where he got an offer to finance the idea and create “Fi Technologies” Read More ITG ITG ITG is one of the leading companies in the technology sector as its business activities cover the local, regional and global markets and the export rate is 85% of the its total business. Read More Ariika Ariika Ariika team was able to achieve unexpected growth in the past five years since its inauguration, They are writing a great story. Read More Game Cooks Game Cooks The first Arab video design and development company, with a group of creative artists, developers and game designers. Read More kharabeesh kharabeesh Kharabeesh provides youthful and spontaneous content that supports the creativity of Arab youth on the Internet and represents the new form of digital media broadcasting. Read More Zoomaal Zoomaal The largest Arab crowdfunding platform which helps entrepreneurs and innovators to make their dreams come true. Read More Mawdoo3 Mawdoo3 A one of the Arabic Online Encyclopedias, which took on the task of enriching the Arabic content on the Internet. Read More UCAS UCAS UCAS is one of the most important technology incubators in the Arab world, Located in Gaza. Read More POYNT POYNT POYNT is a startup in the electronic payment services, established by Osama Bedir after considerable experience gained through his work in PayPal and Google. Read More RiseUp RiseUp The story of the beginning of the RiseUp to be a Well known Entrepreneurship Platform in the Middle East and Africa Read More Seeloz Seeloz The story of Seeloz - an online platform that allows business owners to use their data to build an effective marketing plan and choose the best for their customers. Read More Paxeramed Paxeramed Paxeramed develops a full range of medical imaging solutions including multimodality workstations, advanced visualization and enterprise solutions..etc Read More Cloudera Cloudera The story of Cloudera which turned from an emerging idea of a young Egyptian entrepreneur into a $ 4 billion company Read More Instabug Instabug A new application created by two young Egyptian entrepreneurs helps to connect app developers and users. Read More Lomar Lomar Lomar - From only one sewing machine to be one of the largest design and fashion companies in the Gulf, serving more than 150,000 customers. Read More UTURN Entertainment UTURN Entertainment In 2010, Saudi entrepreneur Kaswara Al Khatib launched Uturn to start a journey of producing an entertaining content on the online media platforms. Read More RWAQ RWAQ In 2013, Rawaq started its journey to become one of the largest MOOcs platforms that offer free academic materials in Arabic in various fields and disciplines. Read More Fetchr Fetchr In 2012, Idris Al Refaey, together with Omar Yaghmour and Joy Ajlouni, established a promising startup to facilitate shipping operations using an application for smart phones called Fetcher. Read More ServiceMarket ServiceMarket ServiceMarket is an online marketplace that provides quotes and online bookings for moving, home services, and insurance through an extensive network of more than 200 partners. Read More Namshi Namshi “Namshi” an Online shopping startup specializes in fashion. Launched in 2011 the UAE, seeking to provide fashion, clothing and accessories from more than 400 brands. Read More greek campus The GrEEK Campus In an unusual way, Ahmad al-Alfi and Tariq Ali agreed on the idea of converting the Greek Campus of the American University into a large innovation park. Read More Rehlat Rehlat Rehlat is a leading online flights and hotels booking service in Middle East, has its offices spread across Kuwait, UAE, India, and Egypt. Read More QBIC QBIC QBIC is a unique mixed-use business incubation center providing support services to help entrepreneurs and companies who either have an idea to start a business or want to grow existing business. Read More Tamatem Tamatem Tamatem is a Jordanian mobile game developer and publisher, which localizes globally published mobile games and develops their own games for Arabic speakers. Read More Souq Souq.com Souq connects people and products - opening up a world of possibility. From bracelets and backpacks to tablets and toy cars - Souq give their customers the access to everything they need. Read More Berytech Berytech Initiated in 2002 by the Saint-Joseph University, Berytech provides a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Read More QSTP QSTP Qatar Science and Technology Park is a home for international technology companies in Qatar, and an incubator of start-up technology businesses. Read More Flat6Labs Flat6Labs Flat6Labs is a regional startup accelerator program that fosters and invests in bright and passionate entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. Read More Mobinets Flat6Labs Mobinets answers the challenges facing today’s mobile operator with the most powerful combination of OSS solutions available to give the users greatest control and visibility across their network and help them make the smartest decisions every time. Read More Mixed Dimensions Mixed Dimensions Mixed Dimensions is a tech startup founded in 2011 by Muhannad Taslaq, and Baha Abu Nojaim, and incorporated in 2013 shortly after joining the Alchemist Accelerator. Read More Oasis500 Oasis500 Oasis500 is the leading seed investment company and business accelerator in the Tech and Creative Industry spaces based in Amman, Jordan. Read More DabaDoc Daba Doc DabaDoc is the largest online medical appointment booking platform in Africa. Read More EAT EAT EAT App is the ultimate restaurant guide & reservations app in Dubai and Bahrain, was founded by Nezar Kadhem. Eat has two products, one for restaurants, and another for consumers. Read More Yaoota Yaoota Yaoota is a smart search engine specializing in e-shopping and price comparison. It is the first of its kind. started in Egypt and expanded in the Gulf to reach more than 100 electronic stores. Read More Urban Point Urban Point Urban Point is a growing mobile marketplace that connects trendy consumers with quality businesses in Doha by promoting great value offers. Read More    Mocha Hunters Mocha Hunters “Mocha Hunters” is a US Yemeni startup that aims to revive Yemen’s coffee industry and enable the crop to regain its global reputation. Read More Ibtikar Ibtikar Ibtikar Fund is a disruptive fund that invests in innovative Palestinian companies at their earliest stages. Read More Scriptr Scriptr Scriptr.io, the award winning, managed service & enterprise IoT application marketplace. Read More Energy 24 Energy 24 E24 develops affordable & innovative clean Energy Solutions for 24/7 uninterrupted stable electricity in developing countries. Read More OpenSooq OpenSooq Opensooq is a leading classifieds platform in the Middle East & North Africa region (MENA), where sellers can offer products and services to millions of users online without intermediaries. Read More IRIS IRIS Technologies IRIS-Technologies is the partner to save and invest in Bees. It’s gathering technologies and biology to make bees and beekeepers happier. Read More WebTeb WebTeb WebTeb is an emerging Arab internet website that produces and publishes medical, health news and information and lifestyle through various tools and topics. Read More pinpay WebTeb Pin-Pay is an innovative mobile payment service offered at our Partner Banks which aims to bring our subscribers the most secure, reliable and intelligent payment experience. Read More IntilaQ IntilaQ Tunisia’s leading startups investors with a portfolio of over 11 Million dinars invested in 26 startups and over 200 jobs created in IT sector. Read More Yamsafer Yamsafer Yamsafer is an online accommodation booking website in the Middle East. The company combines website, mobile app and call center booking methods in its service delivery for all destination around the world. Read More Incorta Incorta Incorta gives you visibility into all of your business activities, removing the fear of the unknown. Read More ShopGo ShopGo ShopGo is an eCommerce platform that gives the user a website and platform that is tailored to the MENA market with local payment and shipping options Read More
  • “We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.”

    IFG Media Team

  • “We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.” demo text

    iFG CEO

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    “We take pride in every project we do, and we are honored to build a lasting relationship with our clients through providing them with a fully integrated package of media service.”

    IFG Media Team - وصف اسفل النص