18 Days This documentary film covers the story of ’18 Days’ movie. 18 Days is an Egyptian film composed of 10 short films by ten directors and 6 writers, with no budget and on a voluntary basis, focusing on the 18 days of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. It premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. More Info Out of Box Series ShopGo ShopGo is an eCommerce platform that gives the user a website and platform that is tailored to the MENA market with local payment and shipping options, offered to arab entrepreneurs in eCommerce sector. This documentary film covers it's success story. More Info Entrepreneurs TV Series Children of the Alley This documentary film covers the story of the novel “Children of the Alley” by Naguib Mahfouz.The “children” of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Mahfouz’s title are beggars, peddlars, drug addicts, homeless, swindlers, cripples and ordinary people struggling to survive in Cairo. More Info Out of Box Series Incorta Incorta, describes itself as the first “hyperconverged analytics” company in the big-data industry. This documentary film covers it's success story. It's platform aggregates complex business data in real-time using Direct Data Mapping architecture. More Info Entrepreneurs TV Series Clash This documentary film covers the story of the Cannes Film Festival nominee ‘Clash’ movie, directed by Mohamed Diab.'Eshtebak' movie is shot entirely in the confines of a police van containing Muslim Brotherhood members and pro-army supporters. More Info Out of Box Series Black February This is a documentary film that sheds light on "Black February" movie, which reveals some of the social problems in Egypt as a result of the isolation of social groups with power, wealth and influence without the rest of society. Aired as part of "Out Of Text" TV Series of documentaries. More Info Al Jazeera Channel

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  • Video Production
    Our products have been broadcasted on both local and satellite channels across the Arab region. Relying on the best talents the market has to offer, our film production services include: documentary films, TV shows, fillers, news reports, TV commercials.
    We lead our clients delicately through every step of creating their publication.
  • MAJEUR3 Records
    From simple voiceovers to complex scoring and digital audio mastering and editing, Majeur Records is your single source for high-quality, high-impact audio production.
  • Event Management
    We provide turn-key event management services.

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iFG Media Group is a regional media production company based in #Istanbul. With a team of innovative creative film makers.


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    IFG Media Team


With offices in Libya, Egypt, Qatar, KSA and Turkey, iFilms Media Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of media production & digital communications services.

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