Hospital in the Line of Fire

Release Year:
47 minutes
Eylem Kaftan
Al Jazeera Media Network


The Documentary presents witnesses of some of the doctors who worked in the field hospital during the raid events. Dr. Hanan Al Amin, a pediatrician, Dr. Fatma Bayad, a neurologist, Dr. Hatim Shalaby, an ENT specialist and others tell the stories that they witnessed when the hospital was attacked.

The Documentary also hosts some families of those killed in the massacre, like Ammar Al Beltagy (whose sister was killed), Aziza Al Banna (who had her husband killed) as well as some of those managed to escape alive from the scene after being carried to the hospital for treating their injuries, the film also hosts journalists, human rights activists and analysts from international organisations like Human Rights Watch (HRW).


The Documentary filming took place in seven countries including USA, Switzerland and Germany, and the dramatic simulation scenes where filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Documentary presents stories and archival material that are coming out for the first time and uses drama to simulate the real scenes as well as 3D graphics.

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