Naji Al-Ali

Release Year:
25 minutes
Al Jazeera


The complete story and the controversy engendered by “Naji Al-ali” the film, coming to you in a documentary where its creators met.

The film narrates the story of the triplet Basheer Aldeek, Nour Alsherif and Atef Altayeb when they decided to go through a new experience producing an artwork about the life of the famous Palestinian Caricature “Nagi Al-ali”.


The documentary shows the state of controversy that happened over the film and tries to answer questions about its funding and the motives behind its production.

So, in Cairo we meet Basheer Aldeek, the scenarist and script writer for the film, and one of the lead actors, Mahmoud Algendy. Then, in Beirut we meet with Mr Walid Al-Hussauiny, the film’s producer. Apart from meeting and filming with critics who their opinions vary about the movie; Samir Farid, Magdy Altayeb, Ashraf Abou Alhouol, and others.

The documentary discusses the war declared on the movie lead by the Egyptian press to sabotage the film creators’ reputations to the extent of accusing them with treason. As it goes through the hidden back scenes of its ban revealing hidden facts linking presidents and political leaders to it.

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