Somalia: The Forgotten Story

Release Year:
90 minutes
Mohamed Dawood


The story of Somalia’s decline from stability to chaos and the problems facing its people at home and abroad.

Between UK and USA, We traced stories of Somali immigrants who left their corrupted country ruined by wars and occupation. However, they succeeded in fulfilling their potential to their maximum, becoming professors, doctors, parliamentarian, human rights activist and artists. Proving to the world that a Somali who’s depicted by the world as hungry miserable person is only oppressed by his country’s extreme conditions.

And between Mogadishu and Hargeisa, the team met the true heroes of this country; the farmers, fishermen and shepherds, before meeting the presidents, ministers, generals and the UN mission.

In Minnesota and London, the team met politicians, journalists and academicians to unlock the mystery of the conflicted relations in this ruined Arabic country.


The Documentary interviews with multiple special guests including: Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the Somali president, Abdi Ismail Samatar, the geography professor in the university of Minnesota, Jon Snow, the former ITN reporter in Somalia, Mary Harper, the BBC editor of African Affairs, Nicholas Kay, the representative of the UN secretary-general in Somalia, Hussein Dualeh, the Somali Presidential Advisor, Mohamed Hashi Elmi, the former somali minister of finance, Abukar Awale, the social activist against the abuse of Khat.

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