This is a documentary film that sheds light on the life of Amal Dunqol, who was known as the “Prince of Refusers" for his famous poem, "Do not reconcile", it was originally composed and became a cry across the Arab world as a call to Egyptian President Sadat to not sign the Camp David peace treaty with Israel in 1976.

IRIS-Technologies is the partner to save and invest in Bees. It's gathering technologies and biology to make bees and beekeepers happier.

This is a documentary film that sheds light on the diary of Egypt's first president Mohamed Naguib.
In 1984, his memoirs were published under the title I was a President of Egypt. The book was reprinted several times and was also translated into English under the title The Fate of Egypt.



Being the leading classifieds platform in the region; OpenSooq.com now has almost everything a seller wants to sell, or a buyer wants to buy, from cars, real estate, car plates, fashion, electronics, industrial & electrical equipment, pets, as well as a dedicated section for jobs.


Energy 24

E24 develops affordable & innovative clean Energy Solutions for 24/7 uninterrupted stable electricity in developing countries.
Energy24 delivers a genuine solution to a developing world problem, where a lack of access to reliable power cripples productivity and inhibits enterprise.



Scriptr.io, the award winning, managed service & enterprise IoT application marketplace.



Ibtikar Fund is a disruptive fund that invests in innovative Palestinian companies at their earliest stages.
Ibtikar’s investments begin at the seed level through local accelerators, continue in post-acceleration phases and can also include series A investments in its portfolio companies.

"Mocha Hunters" is a US Yemeni startup that aims to revive Yemen's coffee industry and enable the crop to regain its global reputation.

Yaoota is a smart search engine specializing in e-shopping and price comparison. It is the first of its kind. started in Egypt and expanded in the Gulf to reach more than 100 electronic stores in 2017, with more than two million seven hundred thousand different products.