EAT App is a middle eastern company delivers a based online restaurant reservations system that has seated over 1,000,000 guests.
Eat was founded by Nezar Kadhem, in Bahrain.
Eat has two products, one for restaurants, and another for consumers.

This is a documentary film that sheds light on "Black February" movie, which reveals some of the social problems in Egypt as a result of the isolation of social groups with power, wealth and influence without the rest of society.

Oasis500 is the leading seed investment company and business accelerator in the Tech and Creative Industry spaces based in Amman, Jordan. They enable great entrepreneurs to transform their viable ideas or creative talents into scalable businesses. That includes finding those entrepreneurs, investing in their startups, bridging their know-how gap, and eventually helping them get follow-on funding. In the process, they have become one of the most influential players in advancing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Jordan and the MENA region in general.


The Rebels

In the 1960s, the Egyptian film industry had little to no power when it comes to freedom of expression. Since no one was allowed to present an opinion opposing to the opinion of the Authority. Until the film "The Rebels" came.

The book "my word for the fools" Written by Mohammed Jalal Kishk in late 80s to document and describe the events that prevailed in the cultural and political life in Egypt at that time. With a shocking and contrasting view of the history of the July Revolution, the book is qualified to be described by some as a revolution against the revolution because it has obvious stabs in events that have always been a source of pride for the Egyptians. But the book assumed that the revolution was no more than an American plan by Gamal Abdel Nasser and his comrades.

Mobinets answers the challenges facing today's mobile operator with the most powerful combination of OSS solutions available to give the users greatest control and visibility across their network and help them make the smartest decisions every time. They call that "Network transformation"

"The rest of the Story" TV series highlighted in this documentary how Qatar has dealt with the siege crisis since its inception, and how the ordeal turned into a grant through industrial and commercial initiatives and food and financial security projects.

Flat6Labs is a regional startup accelerator program that fosters and invests in bright and passionate entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. They provide seed funding, strategic mentorship, a creative workspace, a multitude of perks, entrepreneurship-focused business training, and directly support their startups through an expansive network of partner entities, mentors and investors.

Biography of the Iraqi poet Ahmed Matar, who formed his poetic popularity through his famous writings which rejected injustice and supported the values of freedom, justice and equality.